What happens if I am not able to make my payment on time? Print

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If you are un-able to make your payment on time, just open a trouble ticket & request an extension, depending on how long you've been a client with us, we will be able to extend your payment anywhere from a fews days to a couple months. We only ask that you tell us when you'll be able to make your payment, and that you would like to keep your services on. We do understand that, at times, your payment may be last on your list of important bills, food, rent, and or car payments always come first, you've got enough stress in your life dealing with day to day bills & we value your business, which is why we are one of the few company's that will work with you, no questions asked!! IMPORTANT!! If you fail to request a extension, our system will automatically suspend your services 1 day after payment is due. Please be sure to open a trouble ticket before this happens! If your services are suspended, simply paying the balance due will return your services back to normal automatically.

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