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  • 11 allows you to create your own package! Our ordering system is designed for instant and automatic creation of your SHOUTcast or Icecast package, and also allows you to later upgrade/downgrade your server(s) instantly! If your a new SHOUTcast/Icecast user, this allows you to buy only what you need, you can upgrade as your station grows! The order process requires you to set a few different values, all listed and explained below .. Max listeners : This is the amount of peak listeners your server can have at any given time, for example, if you set this value to 10, only 10 people can listen at the same time, the 11th will be denied the connection. ( does not offer unlimited listeners, rather unlimited bandwidth. This way you will never pay more than the monthly cost.) Mount point limit : This is the amount of streams you want to provide your listeners, for example, you may want to offer a 128Kbs mp3 stream and a 32Kbs AAC+ stream to your listeners, this set up would require a total of 2 mountpoints. The mountpoint are also dependent on the bitrate (below), so for the above example you would need a total of 160Kbs Max bit rate : This is the quality of the stream(s), for some this can be a little confusing but in general the higher the value the better quality. With SHOUTcast your able to stream also in different formats, either mp3 or aac+, or both as indicated in the mount points information above. The most common format is 128Kbs mp3, this is cd quality and is the most common. With aac+ format, 32Kbs is also cd quality but at a much lower bitrate. AAC+ is quickly becoming the format of choice as it is much easier for mobile phones to stream on 3G cell phone networks, or for some 3rd world countries that have older and slower internet connections. Disk quota : This is the amount of space for your mp3s, 1gb = about 150 mp3s (150 songs) Location : This is where your server will be located at.

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